Readings by Robin Haynes


“Robin is an absolute treasure. I knew about her from various podcasts I’d come across and was immediately intrigued; she was like a magnet. The first time I talked to her by phone, I was a little nervous. But her usual humble, down-to-earth personality quickly made me feel like I had known her for years. At one point during our chat, she realized something in my life had shifted 4 years prior, unbeknownst to me. She gave me some detail and guidance, though I was still trying to process this information. The next day, I was scrolling through the memories that pop up each day on Facebook (Robin and I were not Facebook friends). 4 years to the day, the shift in my life was starring back at me in a photo. It was my confirmation that yes, my life is truly changing, but also proof that once Robin connects with someone, she tends to just know things.

Since then, she’s helped me understand what being an empath entails, how to recognize non-verbal communication (telepathy/mindspeak), and how to read energy. Turns out, I’ve read energy for years and just didn’t know it. I’m learning more each day how to use my energy to shield, and how to move it from myself to another. I would use two terms to describe Robin; the first being a “human bridge”. She can connect us with those behind the veil. The other term is “great teacher”. Whether you’re an empath, a healer, energy worker, medium, etc, Robin can trigger you and help you tap into the abilities you’ve had all along. I’m so grateful she’s a bridge for me, my great teacher, and most importantly, my friend. ” -L.G.


“Robin is by far the best psychic  reader out there. I spent a ton of money with California Psychics and read with their top people before I found her. Not only did she pick up things they didn’t, but those differing predictions were the ones that actually happened. She’s the best and much less expensive than California Psychics, too. She’s compassionate and easy to talk to also.”- M.S.


“Robin feels like my best friend. She’s always there when life throws me a curve. She has helped me navigate a difficult situation with my POI and has advised me correctly every step of the way. She picks up on details and his mindset and what he’s planning every time. I highly recommend her.”- F.K.


“I enjoy Robin’s easy going friendly approach to understanding our Sasquatch friends, when ever I have questions she is always there to help me better understand my own abilities and how they work.
The way she can make a person feel at ease is a gift that allows questions and answers to flow in conversation. She is spot on with information that can easily benefit ones relationship with Sasquatch People. Her conversations are always with you in mind, and she committed to the relationship she has with all the people that receive a reading from her. Robin makes sure that you know she is your friend and will help you any way she can, so that you understand the information and can apply it if necessary.
I am so happy that Robin explained that; I can have “Mind Speak” and Telepathy, and that it will come to me in so many different ways I just need to be open to the energy and aware of subtle changes that are not my own. Thank you Robin for helping me take that first step in communicating effectively with my Sasquatch Friend(s). I look forward to continuing my work with Robin and my interactions with the Sasquatch People.” -M.K.
“I’ve known Robin for years and when I heard she was beginning to offer her services officially, I knew this was what she’s meant to do. She has very unique and amazing abilities to help people navigate their experiences when they have nowhere else to turn.   
Paranormal experiences are personal to the individual experiencing them and can be confusing and frightening at times. But Robin can help you understand what’s happening to you and diffuse the fear and overwhelm you might be feeling. Her work with the sasquatch is unprecedented. She helped me navigate the repeated experiences I had been having with them and helped me unravel the mystery of why the sasquatch were following me and what they wanted from me.
This has been life-changing for me as it helped me understand my purpose in life. And I owe it all to Robin. She has always given me comfort and clarity and helped me make sense of these crazy and amazing aspects of my life.” D.F.


“Robin has quickly become like a sibling to me.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone who legitimately cares about others as much as she does.  And the fact that she has extensive experience with nearly every aspect of the paranormal means that she can help with almost any question or problem.  I struggle daily with personal doubts and self-criticism, and she is unfaltering in her support and encouragement, let alone her ability to serve as intermediary among me and the cryptids in my back yard as well as my own menagerie of animals who live with me, my resident spirit, and hosts of those who have passed.  I had a very challenging relationship with my father, who has been gone for over thirty years.  I did not realize how much of a problem that was for me until Robin helped me to reconcile with him…with a little help from my forest friends and their subtle telepathic influence.  Go on and try her out!  You absolutely will not regret it.” – K.D.

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