Readings by Robin Haynes



Over the decades, Robin’s accuracy in her readings has been noted by her clients.  Her services include psychic and paranormal readings, space and object clearings and energy work.  She can connect with the spirit world and bring messages from loved ones who have passed beyond the veil.

Additionally, Robin also offers animal readings and is an animal communicator, although this is not a primary area of focus.

In what she considers perhaps her highest calling, Robin has assisted many abductees in releasing their trauma and making sense of their experiences – which are often quite terrifying. 

Robin’s method is very calming and reassuring. She engages a client in a simple conversation that is safe and comfortable, like talking to an old friend. She is able to answer the tough questions in a manner that is loving and reassuring and will frame what might be perceived as “bad news” as an opportunity for soul growth and greater expansion. She is highly ethical, and to the best of her ability will be sure her client leaves his or her reading feeling empowered and optimistic, for she deeply understands that every human has the innate ability to better their situation and correct their course. Robin’s goal is that each and every client connects and grounds into a deep and abiding self-love, confidence and connection to the greatest potential of his or her life.

A session with Robin can be – simply put – tremendous. You will receive the full focus of her undivided attention as she addresses your questions, and with that, be a clear channel for information, guidance and clarity during this very special time.

Every reading is fluid, intuitive and is individual to each client. Please fill the form below to start the process.

The standard price for a read is $75 per half hour, $150 for a full hour. A tremendous amount can be accomplished in 30 minutes, so it may be best to start there.

If you need help but do not have the financial means to pay for a reading, please reach out via the CONTACT form.

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