Readings by Robin Haynes


Robin Haynes was born with both psychic and paranormal abilities. From an early age she unconsciously predicted events and provided psychic information to her childhood friends. Only later did she realize that she actually had unique spiritual gifts. To her this was just normal. Her earliest memories include experiences with spirits, invisibles and those of the cryptid kingdom.

Robin is a multiple abductee and has had numerous experiences with UFO’s and the E.T.’s, beginning at a very young age.

A producer and speaker for the Nebraska Bigfoot Conference, Robin has worked with many different cryptids such as Sasquatch, Dogman, and others. She has presented at conferences, television shows, as well as radio and spoken about these topics in Russia as well as in the United States.

Robin helps her clients to work with their own internal energy, both for personal protection and for personal empowerment. If asked, she will do clearings of energy patterns to create powerful and permanent shifts that the client might move forward into new realms of manifestation and personal awakening. 

With her spiritual gift, Robin helps her clients get in tune with nature and all the hidden aspects of our “reality”. 

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